RMHA:  Rocky Mountain Horses (must be registered and certified)
Mountain Horse: Any Mountain Horse: No Registration Needed
WH: Walking Horses
MFT:  Missouri Fox Trotter classes
Costarricense de Paso
OGB: ALL gaited breeds: No breed registration/certification necessary
Friesian: Friesian horses only
Peruvian Paso: Peruvian Paso horses only
Paso Fino:  Paso Fino horses only

   Classes will start

 Thursday, April 11, 2019

at 9 am

RMHA will have one "B" show each day;

Friesians will have classes each day;

WH will have classes each day;

Peruvian Pasos will have classes each day;

MFT will have classes Friday & Saturday;

Open Gaited Classes will be held each day;  

All other breeds will have classes daily.